Q- If I wanted my bike airbrushed, do I need to disassemble it and bring in the parts I want to be painted?

Yes and No. OSCB offers to disassemble your ride and reassemble it for you upon


completion of your custom work. This is the best way to ensure the parts are installed properly and without scratching. However, if you would whether bring your parts into the shop and have them customized, we allow that as well. We are here to serve and help you get back on the road looking your best and showing off OSCB's work.


Q- I have more than one bike I would like to sell, but at the 10% rate, I am having second thoughts. Is the consignment percentage negotiable?

Yes and No. Our fees on the back-end of each sell is 10%. However, if you were to have multiple bikes to include, keep in mind that each bike is an individual sell. In saying so, OSCB does it's best to look after both the seller and the buyer and we are willing to help out as much as possible. Discounted rates would have to meet a certain criteria which will be discussed prior to finalizing your consignment agreement.


Q- OSCB sold my bike, how long does it take to receive the funds?

We are here as a service and OSCB understands that you bring your bike to us for a handful of reason and one of those reason is that you are wanting it sold and the money in your bank. So, usually its a 5-10 day turn around. This depends on payment processing, check clearing our bank allowing us to release the funds. Once the funds are available to OSCB, we do our best to get it to you the following business day.


Q- Once OSCB has my bike in your showroom and I am not riding it, can I cancel my insurance?

NO. It is mandatory for you to carry insurance until the bike has been sold. Also, to cover your bike and our shop, OSCB requires that every bike owner is covered and their bike is properly insured.


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