A Lil'Bit About OSCB & Just How We Roll!

Here is how it works:




Here's the Consignment Program In A Nutshell...

We attempt the hassle of selling your Pre-Owned Harley/ Custom Motorcycle. Don't waste time and effort trying to post on Craigslist or the Classifieds as thieves prey upon your price possession, let us do the dirty work for you! Let us deal with the tire kickers, the no show-ers, the non-promise keepers, the I'll be back tomorrow guys, and our favorite, I have to talk to my wife guy...let us deal with them for you...let us deal with the wives and the exes if that is the reason you have to sell (*warning: our fees may double! Lol)

We have taken our years of experience and knowledge to expand our consignment program to fill our new Kimberling City showroom with what you have to sell.


First and foremost, we believe in a straight forward deal! Meaning, if you bring me your ride and say, "Ron, I need at least $5,000 or of it, but yet the rig is well worth $10K or even $12K, I work for YOU! And of course the customer. I am your voice and in many cases, your wife's voice as well screaming, get more money for that bike! In saying that, I may place a price of $9,500 on such a ride, sell it for in the ballpark of $8,200. Now, I DO NOT POCKET the extra $3200 minus the $5K for you...NO, I give the entire $8,200 minus my fee. That is the OLD SCHOOL WAY! The ONLY way to do business!

Now, once we know what you want to sell, our appraiser will contact you quickly to discuss the program details and pricing. You set the pricing and there is NO intake fee for this service. WHAT??? Yeah, the $25 intake fees is NO MORE!!! On top of that, our consignment program is simply 10% of the final selling amount with an initial consignment of 30 to 60 Days. If we see a large amount of interest in your vehicle we may ask to keep it for just a little bit longer.


We typically sell most used vehicles within 30-60 days. We advertise with several websites including our own which receives an impressive 85,000 visits per month. We also advertise with avenues such as CycleTrader, eBay, Craigslist, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and several micro sites. Don't forget about our upcoming Radio, Newspaper, and Flyers. We spend a lot of money to get your toy sold!

Once your vehicle is here, we will fully appraise it (for free) and advise you of any repairs, service or safety related issues (such as leaks, tires, brakes) which can be done prior to selling as recommended through our friends at Stone County Cycle. However, we're Old School and we understand that the cycles aren't new, but we want to make sure that we do our best to represent your bike and the new owner as best as we can and as honest as possible. If there is a leak, then we'll disclose it and adjust the price accordingly during negotiations.

We will even detail your vehicle before we display it for sale.


There may be a few miscellaneous expenses (Title Fees, Shipping, Postage, etc.) BUT, those are normally included in the sell of the rig.

Keep in mind that we not only sell locally here in Missouri & Arkansas but have sold and shipped vehicles to customers all over the United States; North Carolina, Georgia, Oregon, California, Arizona, and more. .


Did you know we also offer Financing for most vehicles! Yes, even for the hard to finance riders, we can help.

Sun-Mon - Closed *Appt. only, Tuesday - Saturday 9am - 5pm

We look forward to helping you in selling or buying your next ride bike! 

As a US ARMY VET, Ron PROUDLY STANDS UP for our VETERANS who have and are currently serving this Great Nation of Ours! Right or Wrong, Good and Bad, Rich and Poor...THE RED, WHITE, AND BLUE has provided us the Freedom To Ride! Thank you to all my brothers!

Harley & Custom Consignment Sales

We have been buying, trading, and selling for over 25 years and now Ron has taken his established program and team to ventured out and offer their services on a consignment basis to the masses. Whether you are looking to make a new-used purchase or to you sell your current ride or project, we have assembled a plan to serve all your needs.

Then there was Old School Cycle Barn. As cycle owners for over 25 years, we have personally been in your shoes way too many times attempting to sell my bike to the no showers, the tire kickers, the empty pocket low-ballers, and we can tell you, it is beyond frustrating. So, this is our offer, allow us to present your bike in our showroom and sell it for you on consignment as we deal with all the tire kickers and no showers and low-ballers until we discover that perfect match. We'll even help them finance it if they need it. But in the end, your bike is sold and your money is in hand much faster without all the hassle.


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